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"We love Skate Armor!"

"Thanks again very much for your email! And keep doing what you're doing, helping kids be safer on the ice! FYI: We love Skate Armor! We ordered from you a few yrs ago that is now worn out (fabric, velcro, stitching) so we do love your product and that's why we're ordering at this time! :)"

Theresa C.

"U have the only Neck Guard my son will wear."

"Thx Teri - u have the only Neck Guard my son will wear (5-6 years and counting) - bought 2 just in case!"

Rob – OH

"Many thanks to you and your fabulous product."

Many thanks to you and your fabulous product. My boys are 13 and 10 now. Our 10 yr old, Tristan is a goalie as well. I got 1 larger size for our old son, Quinlan, as he's in growth spurt. Thanks again !


"It is super comfortable"

"Hello I heard about skate armor at the play it again sports in Northbrook IL. My son is 7 and plays ice hockey. I loved the skate armor neck guard first because of its protection ability and also that it is super comfortable for my son to wear. Thanks"

Brian W. - IL

"You have a wonderful product"

"Thanks Teri...Many skaters here in Brookfield, WI have them and since we only moved here a year ago from Minnesota, I put your link on my Facebook page for all of my Minnesota hockey friends...Hopefully they will be ordering, you have a wonderful product, thank you!!!"

Wendy H.

"My boys really like their Skate Armor, much better than their old neck guards."

"Just thought I'd let you know that my boys really like their Skate Armor, much better than their old neck guards."

Diana S. WI

"Thanks for making a product that does not have the bulk."

"I just wanted to say that we received the neck guard and that it fits. But more importantly, my son wore it to practice for the first time and he likes it! Thanks for making a product that does not have the bulk, but does have all the safety features that those thick, pillow like collar guards have. It's been challenging to find this kind of product, which offers players another layer of protection, but is comfortable enough so they will actually want to wear it every time they are on the ice, will definitely feel better at his first game wearing the Skate Armor this weekend."

Diana C. New Jersey

Coaches Recommendations:

"Should Neck Guards be Mandatory for All"

Our Ice Hockey Participants?
Kent, WA February 12, 2008 – The horrific neck injury February 10th to Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik raises the issue of whether or not neck guards should be required for all hockey players and officials involved in the sport of ice hockey. Neck injuries are an inherent risk in a sport that's played with skate blades as sharp as knives. Neck guards aren't mandatory in the NHL. At the amateur level, neck guards are required for all Canadian leagues. However, there are no mandatory requirements for neck guards at the USA Hockey national level. Perhaps now is the time. It would be advisable for everyone to acquire a neck guard at their earliest convenience.

One additional thought on this subject; are we prepared as parents, coaches and officials to deal with such an injury on the ice at Kent Valley Ice Centre? Unlike the Florida Panthers vs. Buffalo Sabers game, we typically don’t have a team of medics, doctors and trainers on hand who are able to treat this type of injury promptly. The Florida Panthers trainer is credited with saving Zednik’s life with his immediate treatment of the life threatening neck injury. Kent Fire Department typically responds to KVIC’s calls for help within seven to ten minutes. Are we prepared to manage this type of crisis until they arrive? It’s seems to methat our first line of defense should be a $15 - $35 neck guard on every KVHA player.

MARCH 2015 - A Maine High school coaches response to a severe cut to a players face which happened during a championship celebration on the ice:
That's why I make my high school team wear neck guards. We are the only high school team in Maine that does. I'm astonished parents don't make their kids wear them.

That could have been across his neck and he would have bled to death right there on the ice in front of everyone.

PARENTS...even if neck guards are not required by your team, association or state....they are your children...YOU make them wear one. You will get grief, I did with my high school team...but it's not negotiable. No neck guard = no play! They get over it real fast.

There is a neck guard that we purchase from a woman in Wisconsin. Best one on the market in my opinion. EXTREMELY comfortable and the most protective. Visit to check it out. My kids say they feel bare without them now.

USA Hockey has it's head buried in the sand on this issue. Almost every other hockey playing country REQUIRES that their players wear neck guards. Don't wait for USA it yourself!