When my son received a cut on his neck from a hockey stick blade, I asked him why he wasn't wearing his neck guard. He told me he didn't like wearing a neck guard because it was itchy, the binding irritated his skin, was uncomfortable and didn't fit him very well. I want my kids to be comfortable in their equipment but more importantly, I want them to be safe. Wouldn't it be nice to have both?

After 4 years of research I found one of the worlds's strongest and lightest cut/slash resistant fibers; SpectraGuard. Initially manufactured for use in Olympic speed skating suits, SpectraGuard is also used in numerous high-performance applications including police and military ballistic-resistant vests, helmets, armored vehicles, cut resistant gloves and apparel. Unlike Kevlar, SpectraGuard is slash resistant, flexible, breathable and moisture wicking. Surrounded by a high-performance, quick wicking micro-poly shell, the patented shape of Skate Armor's Neck Laceration Protector (NLP) provides better protection of the Carotid Artery and Jugular Vein while offering the utmost in comfort.

Don't put your hockey player's neck on the line - GET YOUR ARMOR ON!!