Slash AND Cut Protection! It’s a 2-fer!

Slashes and slices happen in ice hockey.  Whether by something as accidental as a team mate’s skate blade catching the inside of the wrist when going over the dashers (to or from the bench), or an opponent taking out their frustrations with a slash, Skate Armor's cut & impact protection wrist guards will keep you in the game.

Leading the sport in cut resistance, Skate Armor is proud to launch our first laceration and impact dispersion cut & impact protection wrist guards .  

Made with comfortable, moisture-wicking, stretch fabric and truly cut resistant SpectraGuard™, Skate Armor's wrist guards provide superior cut protection to the inside wrist area  while incorporating ShockTec™ impact-resistant technology to provide impact dispersion protection to the top of the wrist area from slashes and pucks.

Get your Armor on!