The #1 Rated Neck Guard/NLP in Cut Protection & Coverage*

"Neck guards using Spectra fabric were the most cut-resistant"

The Most Cut Resistant Neck Guard for Preventing Lacerations to the Neck
published in the National Institute of Health, 2015.

Skate Armor is the only neck guard/NLP featuring SpectraTM fabric



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"I'm already telling everyone ."

"I appreciate this so much as a mom that you really take your time for the product to be perfect. We love the neck guard and I'm already telling everyone about this amazing company. Thanks again."

CM, July 2024

"Absolutely love them."

"It arrived. Thanks so much for the quick exchange. Fits great!  Btw…my kids have used your neck guards for a while now and absolutely love them. Very comfortable."

Jacob, July 2024

"So glad to have him well protected again."

"My son Nolan has used skate armor for a couple years… hands down the best neck guard out there. (He lost his in a team laundry bag…) so glad to have him well protected again."

Ben, June 2024


"My son has been using the neck guard he received and it’s FANTASTIC!!!! He’s 7 and quite difficult with uncomfortable/restrictive clothing etc and he had zero issues skating with your neck guard. Thank you so much for all the care and attention you put into your equipment. I know you’re having growing pains and have frustrations but your gear is really making a difference to players all over. I wish you nothing but continued success and will spread the word about your products."

Greg, June 2024

"I just can’t believe how good these new ones feel."

"Wow these neck guards are amazing. We have had 4 of the originals and needed new ones this year. I can believe how well these fit and how comfortable. The original version was great. I just can’t believe how good these new ones feel."

Ryan, June 2024

"I was super comfortable and I kind of forgot it was on."

"My oldest daughter started her on-ice summer training program today. She’s notorious for being sensitive to the fit/comfort of clothing/equipment. I asked her what she thought of the neck guard - “I love it! I was super comfortable and I kind of forgot it was on."

Luke, June 2024

"Very worth the wait!!"

"Thank you for the quick response. I am happy to wait for my order. My kids love your product and so do I. Very worth the wait!! Good luck and I hope you catch up soon!! Thanks "

Tara, May 2024

"Above and beyond customer service!"

"Thank you Teri for doing this I really appreciate the above and beyond customer service you have provided. By far one of the best hockey equipment stores I’ve ever purchased from. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "

May 2024

"Super comfy, no complaints!"

"Our kids love the neck guards. Every other brand we tried they fought wearing, these they love, super comfy, no complaints and we don’t even have to remind them to put them on."

Toby, May 2024

"The only one my kids will wear!"

"Skate Armor is the only one my kids will wear and provides way more protection than others on the market."

Sam, April 2024

"He wants the best!"

"My kiddo wears a Skate Armor neck guard. He's 7, he watched the promo video and decided he wants the "best" and said it's a plus made by a hockey mom. It has to be "protective".

Amanda, April 2024

"Skate Armor shirt. Loves it."

Beth Lynn, April 2024

"He loves it!"

"My son has the neck guard from Skate Armor and he loves it!"

Nicole, April 2024

"They are amazing!"

"One of my girls has a Skate Armor neck guard and they are amazing."

Chelsea, April 2024

"The most comfortable one he's had so far!"

"My son loves his Skate Armor neck guards and I love that I can pull the piece out and wash the fabric. He said it's the most comfortable one he's had so far."

Kathleen, April 2024

"Holding up perfectly."

"I've bought so many Skate Armor neck guards and this one is holding up perfectly."

Jamie, April 2024

"Bulky Bauer back up!"

"We are on a hockey break and my son's original Skate Armor neck guard that I got 3 years ago is still holding up!  It's his go to and he hates when he forgets it and has to wear his bulky Bauer back up!"

Erin, March 2024

"Great Product - I constantly get questions from parents about my daughter's neck guard"

"I bought a neck guard and wrist guards for my daughter last year. After one game, she was sold on the wrist guards when she was hit with an opponent's stick multiple times and according to her, she never felt a thing. She was one of two players wearing neck guards on her team. I've had multiple parents ask me where we found a neck guard our kiddo would wear. I point them towards Skate Armor every time without hesitation. We just ordered the shirt and are excited to try it out. I expect it will be a nice upgrade for her. Thank you for making this product and for expanding into shirts!"

Karen, March 2023

"Absolutely the best neck guard!!!"

My daughter has worn one for 4 years! Soft and flexible so as not to bother while wearing. The design is unique in that it protects the entire neck up to the ear. I tried to cut it with a fresh skate blade and it didn't even scratch. absolutely recommend this without reservation. Brandon, June 2022

"Don’t bother getting any other brand"

I purchased two neck guards for my daughters that play hockey. One is 11 and the other is 7. I worried about them wearing them due to poor experiences with other neck “guards”. I am beyond thrilled that they both wear the Skate Armor neck guards and don’t even think twice about it now. It is light weight and comfortable, not itchy or bulky like others. Skate armor is the only neck guard that truly protects the players neck and arteries. While they still aren’t as ‘cool’ or common place as they should be, the number of players that are wearing neck guards is growing. Skate Armor is the only one I would recommend to players, parents, and coaches. Overall, Skate Armor has blown away our expectations and earned a customer and a promoter of their product. Don’t bother getting any other brand. Andrew, June 2022

"The highest level of protection for hockey players of all ages."

Thorough research on effectiveness and proven results. SUPER comfortable so not a challenge to encourage your player to want to wear it. This is a life-saving product that should be in every skaters' bag. Gwen, June 2022

"Great product! A must need for youth hockey!"

Jennifer, June 2022

"Best neck and wrist protection ever!"

My son loves the fact these are thin and soft to wear and give the most protection you can get. We will forever be a Skate Armor customer Teresa, June 2022

"This is THE best neck guard - soft, flexible, protective."

Other than the typical hockey gear, this is required to be in my player's bag and it is a requirement for him to be on the ice per MY rules. This is THE best neck guard - soft, flexible, protective. My son has a tendency to have sensitive skin but in the 6+ years of using Skate Armor has NEVER had an issue. Our state hockey conference requires neck guards due to an unfortunate accident at a high school game, and now many of his teammates have flocked to Skate Armor, having ditched the collar guards along the way, having seen how great this neck guard feels. And parents love the safe design! Christine, June 2022

"I discovered Skate Armor a few years ago. It's the only neck guard my son will wear. I highly recommend!"

Angela, June 2022

"Skate Armor is by far my daughter's favorite - and mine, as well."

We've tried many neck protectors over the years, and Skate Armor is by far my daughter's favorite - and mine, as well. Previous neck protectors were like thick, padded rings that went around her neck, whereas this offers more coverage and less padding. It's not bulky like other neck protectors, and the material is very soft. The cut-proof sheets are solidly sewn into place, meaning that they won't shift or move during wear. I cannot recommend this neck protector enough. My daughter wears it every time she's on the ice, and I don't even have to remind her. Amy, 2022

"The Skate Armor neck guard is an excellent product."

We have both the regular neck guard, as well as the impact protection neck guard. Our son got hit in the neck with a stick during a game and it protected him from injury. Thank you for this product Teri Weiss! We love it! Alex, 2022

"Hands down his favorite neck guard (he has tried a few)."

My son loves his neck guard. He says he will wear his Skate Armor forever. Jamie, June 2022

"My U8 (2014) loves his Skate Armor."

It's easy for him to put on by himself and he says its easy to turn his head! The exact reason I bought this! I can't wait for the shirt!! Amanda, June 2022

"Well designed neck guard with the player in mind."

We actually lost ours at a rink and ordered another. The new neck guard arrived well before expected. Jin,  June 2022

"Thanks for helping to keep our players safe!"

Our High School player loves his Skate Armor neck guard (as much as one can - this versus any other guard he has worn!  Senan, June 2022

"You won't be disappointed!"

I am so happy we got the Skate Armor neck guard for my son. I ordered it because I read an independent study on neck guards that said this neck guard was the only one to pass all the tests. So, I knew it was the best for protection, what I was surprised by was it was far more comfortable than the old neck guard my son had. It is so soft and flexible he doesn't mind wearing it at all. I also love that it really covers all areas of his neck that need protection. I keep getting other parents asking me what neck guard my son has because their kid keeps asking for the one my son has! Jessica, June 2022

"My son says his Skate Armor neck guard is “so comfy”.

He’s been wearing your first design for 2 years and we just ordered the new design with the impact protect in it along with the wrist guards for next season. We won’t use anything else! Terri, June 2022

"We ordered this for our son and he loves it. After his first time wearing it last night, he said “I forgot it was even on!”

Thank you!! Carissa, June 2022

"My son prefers Skate Armor over Bauer and CCM as it's more soft and flexible."

As the parent, I love all the other things as Skate Armor mentions like the higher design and material. Jillian, June 2022

"My son won’t wear any other neck guard! Love the brand and the company."

Meaghan, June 2022

"Well designed, protective and comfortable neck guard".

My son is so picky and wouldn’t wear a neck guard until I got him this one. Now he asks to wear it! Thank you so much for a great product, that could save lives of many! 100% approved by this mom and her youth hockey player. Angie, June 2022

"These neck guards are AMAZING!"

They are made from thin, soft, breathable material making it much more comfortable than normal neck guards. Add to that the increased area of coverage and the fact that even freshly sharpened skates can’t get through - this neck guard is a no brainer! All hockey players should wear these! T. Webb, June 2022

"Absolutely recommend Skate Armor neck guard" 

Great protection, excellent fit and one that my daughter will wear without a fight. My only feedback is that with long hair, it can sometimes get caught up in the velcro closure. I retro-fitted a cloth covering to slide over the velcro after my daughter puts it on and that seems to do the trick. Maybe some snaps instead of Velcro would work for future versions. With that said, I would still highly recommend. K. Costa, June 2022

"Very grateful to your company"

Thank you so much for reaching out. No worries about the delays. We have our younger son in the smaller size we ordered and we love it. Very grateful to your company and looking forward to getting my older son in the product soon. 

C.S., 1/28/22

"Great Product"

I received my order. Thank you so much!

Great product and thank you for creating !!

D.S.,  1/25/2022

"They Like It"

Got 2 for both boys. They like how it covers more than just the collar in the shirt.

Rich,  01/08/2022

"My Kid Loves It!"

My son loves this neck guard. Says it is much better than the one he had before (different brand). Doesn't mind wearing it at all, and his mother and I now have peace of mind that he is protected.

David,  11/12/2020

"Great Product"

My kids both love this product! Great coverage of their whole necks.

K. Celing, 11/10/2020


My 2010 says this is so comfortable you don’t realize you’re wearing it. He won’t wear any other kind!!!!

H Howard, 10/27/2020

"Great Insurance Policy"

Skate Armor Neck Protector is smaller and not as uncomfortable for my son he does not seem to mind this one. Also a great insurance policy.

Joseph Small on 09/09/2020

"Peace of mind without hassle or complaints!"

This our order of #4 & #5 of the Skate Armor Neck Protect and, as a repeat customer, we are, obviously, pleased! As a parent, I know these are quality neck protection and give the best protection available. It gives me peace of mind while my kid are on the ice, while also complying with our association's requirements for neck protection. Even better is my kids have never complained about wearing them - they say they are so comfortable that they don't even really know they have them on!

K. Kalbus, 09/08/2020

"Super Comfortable"

My 2011 son loves it! he says it is "super comfy"

T. Davis , 09/08/2020

"Great Product"

Great product, comfortable fit, full neck coverage. Highly recommend!

A. Turcotte,  09/08/2020

"Soft and Flexible"

Soft and flexible. Even my picky kid doesn't mind wearing it!

J., Oltmans, 09/08/2020

"Wearing a neck guard without complaining"

"Just wanted to let you know that my son is finally wearing a neck guard without complaining. After countless attempts at trying one that he will actually wear, your Skate Armor has succeeded in combining protection and comfort. He's a goalie so spends much of his time down on the ice surrounded by skate blades.
Thank you!"

Nancy, October 10, 2019

"Thank you for developing this product."

"Just wanted to thank you for developing this product.

I bought CCM wrist and Achilles protection recently because they integrated Safe Socks tech, which is to say a material that actually prevents cuts.

They are developing neck protection right now but it is integrated into shirt which is a garbage design, and not protective enough.

So I researched and stumbled across the mayo clinic study.

So thanks for actually caring and developing a product that does what it’s supposed to.

I bought 2, one for myself and my brother, and they are costly to Canada especially, but well worth it.

I don’t care if it’s comfortable and haven’t worn it yet, but it actually serves it’s function, and that’s all that matters."

R. Henriques/ Ontario, Canada, March 17, 2019

"Best neck guard on the market"

"Our 08 loves his skate armor neck guard. It’s thin and flexible, a huge improvement over other ones and as a parent we feel a lot better knowing he is well protected. Well worth the investment."

D. Kiefer, Jun 26, 2018

"My son loves the way it feels"

"My son (almost 7 years old) loves the way it feels vs other neck guards he has worn in the past. This particular neck guard, which provides more comfort, will lead to less distraction for him on the ice."

Jeremy, Jun 23, 2018

"Neck Guard is flexible and comfortable"

"My 11 year old always gave us a hard time about wearing his neck guard. The Skate Armor Neck Guard is flexible and comfortable that he he doesn't mind wearing it at all! I love the fact that it contours around the neck to protect the carotid arteries."

Tami, June 22, 2018

"It's comfortable and much safer"

I bought this for my 8 year old son who constantly complained about his neck guard. After watching the video I knew I had to get one. No complaints have been made by my son. He says it's comfortable and much safer. I would recommend this to everyone!

Kendall, June 20, 2018

"She likes it"

"Bought this for my 13 yr old. She hasn’t used it in a game yet but she’s used it playing 2 on 2. It’s taking some getting used to but she likes it so far."

Karen, June 16, 2018

"Great neck guard and even better peace of mind"

"I got thIs neck guard for the peace of mind that my goalie daughter wouldn’t get cut by a skate as she was making saves. Every other guard I tried seemed to leave a gap between her mask and neck. When I got it I used a freshly sharpened skate blade and slashed at the material several times. With not even a mark. I have even used a pocket knife to demonstrate to other hockey parents. The best part is the coverage. This guard goes all the way up to the ear and it stays there all game or practice long. My daughter loves it and she is very sensitive to things that are uncomfortable. I highly recommend this. I do wish that they had a dedicated goalie version but I feel good that my daughter is safe with this on."

B. Suss, June 15, 2018

"Great choice for extra protection"

"Bought for our PeeWee and Squirt players and they have much better coverage than they had with regular neck guards. I feel better! They say they are comfortable. Win win!"

Pam, June 15, 2018

"Worth it"

"My son constantly had his neck guard twisted up and it didn't cover much. I was not a cheap one either. So on a whim i got this. It was worth it better coverage, no twisting. He still hates wearing a neckguard, but not near as much fighting to get him to wear this one."

J.  Mirobelli, June 15, 2018

"He loves it"

"I bought this guard for my 11 year old son. He loves it! He says it feels good while he has it on and forgets that it is even there."

S. Self, June 15, 2018

"Fits great"

"its great and feels good too!"

L. Carlson, June 15, 2018

"Amazing neck guard"

"My son loves this neck guard! In the past he could not find a neck guard that fit comfortably. This neck guard fits perfect and is very comfortable. It does a great job covering his neck for protection. We are very happy with this neck guard!"

Christina, June 15, 2018

"We will be buying one for our daughter"

"Bought this for my son. He was a little reluctant to wear it at first, but once he wore it, he said it didn't even bother him. Very light weight and now he doesn't even notice it is on. Hopefully we never have to find out if it works. We will be buying one for our daughter as well once the season approaches."

T. Mills, June 15, 2018

"Love the neck guard!"

"I purchased two of the skate armor neck guards. I love them for my boys because I know they are more protected than they were with their previous neck guards. They are easy to put on and I haven’t had any complaints from my kids (ages 6 and 8). Thanks for a great product!"

B. Rydberg, June 15, 2018

"Skate Armor Neck Guard"

"I bought this for my son who is 7. He said it is comfortable and he has no problem wearing it."

E. Mangold, June 15, 2018

"The boy loves it."

"My son loves his new Skate Armor neck guard. He says it is the most comfortable neck guard he's ever worn."

E. Garinger, June 15, 2018

"Best Neck Guard Yet!"

This neck guard provides more protection and coverage than the other ones we have had. The kids said that they are more comfortable too! Would purchase this neck guard again and again!

C. O’Malley, June 15, 2018


"I used to have to fight with my kids to get them to wear a neck guard, but not anymore the skate armor neck guard is more comfortable for them and gives superior protection. Thanks penalty box for this awesome product!"

K. Skelly, June 15, 2018

"Fit is very comfortable"

"Best neck guard I've purchased. Fit is very comfortable, you can adjust it as tight or loose as you prefer. It is not bulky, lightweight, full neck coverage and just as important - cool. I love it and highly recommend it."

P. Tierney, June 15, 2018

"Light and fits great"

"When I first saw these neck guards. I thought there was no way it was the best out there, it is! The coverage is amazing and it’s so light weight my son doesn’t even realize he’s wearing one! Great product, and I’d highly recommend it."

Emily, June 15, 2018

"Greater piece of mind"

"My 9yr old started wearing the skate armor neck guard this spring. I like the sturdiness of it. The unique shape of it also gives more protection than the flimsy one he wore before. I have a greater piece of mind that this neck guard will actually help protect him if a stick or skate happens to hit him. The old one he wore super loose. This one he wears tighter around his neck."

Nicole, June 15, 2018

"Awesome Product!"

"My son has tried other neck guards and stopped wearing them because they were heavy and so uncomfortable. I was hesitant to try another one, but after reading some other reviews, I gave Skate Armor a shot. My son says it is so light, soft, and comfortable, and he wears it with no complaints. I finally have piece of mind that his neck area is protected."

S. McFetridge, June 15, 2018

"Neck guard is good!!!"

"My son loves the new neck guard it’s more comfortable and provide more coverage area than his last neck guard! Thanks penalty box for giving us sweet hook ups to awesome products!"

Nichole, June 15, 2018

"Awesome product"

"My 7 year old son absolutely loves his neck guard. it provides him great protection while being very comfortable. We would absolutely recommend this neck guard to anyone looking for one."

H. Bayne, June 15, 2018

"Offers full neck protection"

"Light weight protector that fit my 10 year old perfectly. Not bulky, offers full neck protection for an affordable price!"

K. Hitchings, June 15, 2018

"Great product"

"My son didn’t like neck guards. In fact, he was fighting me against them because they bothered him. This is the first neck guard he was happy to wear. Comfortable and provides great area protection"

E. Roe,  June 15, 2018

"Great neck guard!"

"My 10U loves his new Armor Neck Guard. He says it is more comfortable than his Reebok one, and I can breath easier knowing he is protected!!! We are very satisfied with this product."

T. Aguilar,  June 15, 2018

"High Quality Neck Guard"

"Purchased two of these through The Penalty Box for my two boys. The Skate Armor is very high quality with a soft lining BUT be aware that the exact thing that makes this a highly protective neck guard is the thing that will make some kids fight you on wearing it. The high rise on the side of the neck over the arteries is the exact reason why one of my kids refuses to wear this neck guard. However, the other boy loves it."

Chris S., June 15, 2018

"Great coverage"

:This neck guard covers more area of the neck and tucks into the top of the chest pad. The Velcro is longer for better sizing ability as well. I’m super impressed."

J. Mclaughlin, June 15, 2018

"Great Guard!"

"Fits great on my 6 year old! He says “It feels good Mom!”. The guard he was using prior to this was very narrow and flimsy. The Skate Armor Neck Gaurd covers all off his neck, but is still flexible enough for my skater to move freely. This gives me peace of mind knowing that he is far better protected out on the ice. Will continue to purchase this same product as he grows!"

J. Meyer, June 15, 2018

"We love Skate Armor!"

"Thanks again very much for your email! And keep doing what you're doing, helping kids be safer on the ice! FYI: We love Skate Armor! We ordered from you a few yrs ago that is now worn out (fabric, velcro, stitching) so we do love your product and that's why we're ordering at this time! :)"

Theresa C.

"U have the only Neck Guard my son will wear."

"Thx Teri - u have the only Neck Guard my son will wear (5-6 years and counting) - bought 2 just in case!"

Rob – OH

"Fabulous product"

Many thanks to you and your fabulous product. My boys are 13 and 10 now. Our 10 yr old, Tristan is a goalie as well. I got 1 larger size for our old son, Quinlan, as he's in growth spurt. Thanks again !


"It is super comfortable"

"Hello I heard about skate armor at the play it again sports in Northbrook IL. My son is 7 and plays ice hockey. I loved the skate armor neck guard first because of its protection ability and also that it is super comfortable for my son to wear. Thanks"

Brian W. - IL

"You have a wonderful product"

"Thanks Teri...Many skaters here in Brookfield, WI have them and since we only moved here a year ago from Minnesota, I put your link on my Facebook page for all of my Minnesota hockey friends...Hopefully they will be ordering, you have a wonderful product, thank you!!!"

Wendy H.

"My boys really like their Skate Armor, much better than their old neck guards."

"Just thought I'd let you know that my boys really like their Skate Armor, much better than their old neck guards."

Diana S. - WI

"Thanks for making a product that does not have the bulk."

"I just wanted to say that we received the neck guard and that it fits. But more importantly, my son wore it to practice for the first time and he likes it! Thanks for making a product that does not have the bulk, but does have all the safety features that those thick, pillow like collar guards have. It's been challenging to find this kind of product, which offers players another layer of protection, but is comfortable enough so they will actually want to wear it every time they are on the ice, will definitely feel better at his first game wearing the Skate Armor this weekend."

Diana C. - New Jersey

Coaches Recommendations:

"Should Neck Guards be Mandatory for All"

Our Ice Hockey Participants?
Kent, WA February 12, 2008 – The horrific neck injury February 10th to Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik raises the issue of whether or not neck guards should be required for all hockey players and officials involved in the sport of ice hockey. Neck injuries are an inherent risk in a sport that's played with skate blades as sharp as knives. Neck guards aren't mandatory in the NHL. At the amateur level, neck guards are required for all Canadian leagues. However, there are no mandatory requirements for neck guards at the USA Hockey national level. Perhaps now is the time. It would be advisable for everyone to acquire a neck guard at their earliest convenience.

One additional thought on this subject; are we prepared as parents, coaches and officials to deal with such an injury on the ice at Kent Valley Ice Centre? Unlike the Florida Panthers vs. Buffalo Sabers game, we typically don’t have a team of medics, doctors and trainers on hand who are able to treat this type of injury promptly. The Florida Panthers trainer is credited with saving Zednik’s life with his immediate treatment of the life threatening neck injury. Kent Fire Department typically responds to KVIC’s calls for help within seven to ten minutes. Are we prepared to manage this type of crisis until they arrive? It’s seems to methat our first line of defense should be a $15 - $35 neck guard on every KVHA player.

MARCH 2015 - A Maine High school coaches response to a severe cut to a players face which happened during a championship celebration on the ice:
That's why I make my high school team wear neck guards. We are the only high school team in Maine that does. I'm astonished parents don't make their kids wear them.

That could have been across his neck and he would have bled to death right there on the ice in front of everyone.

PARENTS...even if neck guards are not required by your team, association or state....they are your children...YOU make them wear one. You will get grief, I did with my high school team...but it's not negotiable. No neck guard = no play! They get over it real fast.

There is a neck guard that we purchase from a woman in Wisconsin. Best one on the market in my opinion. EXTREMELY comfortable and the most protective. Visit to check it out. My kids say they feel bare without them now.

USA Hockey has it's head buried in the sand on this issue. Almost every other hockey playing country REQUIRES that their players wear neck guards. Don't wait for USA it yourself!