The #1 Rated Neck Guard/NLP in Cut Protection & Coverage*

"Neck guards using Spectra fabric were the most cut-resistant"

The Most Cut Resistant Neck Guard for Preventing Lacerations to the Neck
published in the National Institute of Health, 2015.

Skate Armor is the only neck guard/NLP featuring SpectraTM fabric


The belief no ice-skating athlete should die on the ice from a preventable injury became a mission for me.

Teri Weiss, Skate Armor

When my son received a cut on his neck from a hockey stick blade, I asked him why he wasn't wearing his neck guard. He told me he didn't like wearing a neck guard because it was itchy, the binding irritated his skin, was uncomfortable and didn't fit him very well. I want my kids to be comfortable in their equipment but more importantly, I want them to be safe. Wouldn't it be nice to have both?

After extensive research, I found one of the worlds' strongest and lightest cut/slash resistant fibers: SpectraGuard. Initially manufactured for the military and used in Olympic speed skating suits, SpectraGuard is also used in numerous high-performance applications including police and military ballistic-resistant vests, helmets, armored vehicles, cut resistant gloves and apparel. Unlike Kevlar, SpectraGuard is slash resistant, flexible, breathable and moisture wicking. Surrounded by a high-performance, quick wicking micro-poly shell, the patented shape of Skate Armor's Neck Laceration Protector (NLP) provides better protection of the Carotid Artery and Jugular Vein while offering the utmost in comfort.