The #1 Rated Neck Guard/NLP in Cut Protection & Coverage*


Slash AND Cut Protection! It’s a 2-fer!

Slashes and slices happen in ice hockey.  Whether by something as accidental as a team mate’s skate blade catching the inside of the wrist when going over the dashers (to or from the bench), or an opponent taking out their frustrations with a slash, Skate Armor's cut & impact protection wrist guards will keep you in the game.

Leading the sport in cut resistance, Skate Armor is proud to launch our 2024 updated laceration and impact dispersion protection wrist guards .  

Adjustable, for a tailored, comfortable fit, Skate Armor's wrist guards provide superior full circle cut protection to the wrist and lower forearm while incorporating ShockTec™ impact-resistant technology to provide impact dispersion protection to the top of the wrist area from slashes and pucks. Made with comfortable, moisture-wicking, breathable, cool performance fabrics and truly cut resistant SpectraGuard™. 

Get your Armor on!